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Background processing for Azure and .NET

Effortlessly offload workload, scale seamlessly, boost responsiveness with serverless queues and containers

Powerful platform, Easy setup

Concentrate on your business logic, not technical feats. Serverless setup, no need to setup and maintain any infrastructure.

Offload non-critical tasks (async)

Keep your API calls short and responsive and get a snappy UI, offload non-critical tasks.

Background processing

Process background jobs at scale, scale on peeks and scale down to zero on off-moments.

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Fully managed on your own Azure Environment
Taskurai is a fully managed application, hosted on your Azure environment and subscription.
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Easy setup
Define the Taskurai setup using YAML files, deploy using a powerful CLI. Write commands in .NET core C# using a easy-to-use and robust SDK.
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Scale seamlessly
Scale from zero up to 300 instances per worker, unlimited workers, and commands possible.
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Serverless containers
Run serverless containers on a Kubernetes-based platform. Run tasks as short or long as needed, reuse existing libraries and code.
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Message driven
Taskurai serves as a central hub for processing and managing asynchronous tasks, enabling loose coupling and improving system resilience.
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Uniform envelope
Uniform task envelopes facilitate development and support by various including developers, help desks, and service desks
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Decouple tasks from APIs
Decouple tasks (asynchronous pattern) from APIs to increase scalability and tolerance for failures.
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Background processing
Handle background processing at scale, scale on peaks and scale down to zero on off-moments.
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Load leveling
Handle heavy load peaks that may cause service failures or time outs by applying load leveling.

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