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Taskurai determines the conditions for the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") in this Disclaimer.

The Website is owned by Taskurai. If you wish to contact the administrator, you can do so through the contact form on the Website.

By using our Website, you agree to comply with the conditions stated in this Disclaimer.

Use of Taskurai services

The services of Taskurai are offered on the Azure Marketplace under the Microsoft Standard Contract with customized terms. You can consult these terms when purchasing Taskurai on the Azure Marketplace.

Website Liability

Taskurai strives to keep the information on the Website as complete, accurate, understandable, and up-to-date as possible. All information on the Website is of a general nature unless otherwise specified. The information is not tailored to any specific individual or legal entity. If you require personal advice, please contact the appropriate department.

Despite the efforts made in this regard, Taskurai cannot guarantee that the information on the Website is always complete, accurate, up-to-date, or displayed correctly. Taskurai disclaims any liability for deficiencies and reserves the right to make substantive adjustments to the Website without prior notice.

If the information provided on the Website has deficiencies, Taskurai will make the necessary efforts to correct them as soon as possible. If you notice any deficiencies yourself, you can always contact the Website administrator.

Taskurai makes every effort to avoid disruptions but cannot guarantee that the Website is completely free from technical defects and does not provide any guarantees regarding the availability of the Website.

Taskurai is not liable for any disruptions on the Website, nor for any consequential damages resulting from the use of the Website or the inability to use it.

In no event shall Taskurai be liable for direct or indirect damages or consequential damages resulting from the provided information, following or participating in sessions, courses, whether in the individual, group, or online offering.


At certain places on the Website, there are links referring to websites managed by third parties. Taskurai has no control or authority over these websites and therefore cannot provide any guarantees regarding the completeness or accuracy of the content, nor the availability of these websites.

The hyperlinks are provided for information purposes and for your convenience. Therefore, Taskurai does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from consulting or using such websites.

Visitor Conduct

Our Website aims to provide you with information about our services or related activities.

When visiting our Website, you agree to refrain from sending any information via the Website that is in the broadest sense unlawful, harmful, or offensive or that could be perceived as such by Taskurai.


Cookies are small information files that can be stored on your computer or other devices such as a smartphone or tablet. A cookie typically contains the name of the website, information about how long the cookie will be stored, and a randomly generated unique number. Cookies allow us to enhance your user experience during a subsequent visit to our Website and improve its overall use. More information about cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


Taskurai highly values data protection. To secure your data, a wide range of technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect your data against destruction, loss, falsification, unauthorized changes, access, or processing. More information about privacy can be found in our Privacy Statement.


All files and information on our Website and associated blogs are subject to the copyright of Taskurai within the context of the law of June 30, 1944, concerning copyright and neighboring rights. Therefore, the files and information may not be duplicated, copied, or modified without the written permission of Taskurai. The use of our Website and associated blogs does not give rise to any copyright rights for the visitor.

Taskurai and all related products are protected property of Taskurai. Taskurai retains the intellectual property rights (know-how, methodologies, tools, templates, documents, source code, etc. (non-exhaustive)) to the Taskurai products at all times. The Customer obtains a license to use this application through a subscription service during the term of this subscription. The Customer can never acquire ownership rights to Taskurai (know-how, methodologies, tools, templates, documents, source code, etc. (non-exhaustive)).


Belgian law applies to any disputes arising from the use of the Website.